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How To Claim Car Insurance For Own & Third-Party Damage Hassle-Free: Follow These Simple Steps

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How to claim third party car insurance in India? | PayBima

Customers can now conveniently file car insurance online claims on insurance companies’ digital platforms. They must upload the required documents and photos of the damaged vehicle on the website. The affiliated network garage assesses the damage, the claim is processed after inspection, and the reimbursement is made.

Even with cautious driving, accidents can happen, leading to vehicle damage. In such cases, an insurance claim can help cover repair expenses per the insurer’s terms.

How To Make A Car Insurance Claim:

The first step is to inform the insurer of the incident through phone or email. The longer you wait to give the information to the insurer, the more likely your claim will be denied.

One of the crucial steps to a more straightforward claim process is gathering the necessary documents. These documents must be kept in a safe place. The digital copies can be saved later in a device or mobile application. These papers comprise the following:

The following documents must be presented: a driver’s licence, a copy of the insurance policy, the registration certificate (RC) for the insured vehicle, and, if filed, a first information report (FIR).

Having a physical copy of these documents is preferable. However, you can submit the documents digitally if your car was lost or damaged in the flood and you cannot find it.

Aim To Avoid Claim Being Rejected:

The policyholder’s car insurance claims may only sometimes be resolved. Some claims may be turned down. An insurance company reserves the right to accept or deny a claim. Therefore, it is wise to take the required precautions to prevent rejection.

Never try to fix your car yourself or call a mechanic for help. Today’s cars are created using computer programs, and any damage to the vehicle could void its warranty and insurance.

Never start your car alone if floodwaters have damaged it; instead, have it towed to a shop. As much documentation of the damage to the vehicle as you can get by taking pictures and videos of it is advised.

Customers must request the claim docket number from the insurer once a claim has been submitted to the insurer. You will find it simpler to manage your claim request as a result.

Making A Claim For Losses to Third Parties:

When your car causes damage to someone else’s property during an accident, you must initiate a third-party car insurance claim. This involves obtaining a charge sheet and filing a First Information Report (FIR) at your local police station. Subsequently, you should inform your insurance provider and provide the necessary documents. All third-party car insurance claims are handled at the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. It’s important to note that claims regarding drunk driving or driving without a valid license are not covered. The zero dep in car insurance add-on in car insurance can be incredibly beneficial in covering the entire cost of repairs without factoring in depreciation when your car sustains damage. Make sure to always renew your policy on time. You can use a car insurance calculator to estimate the costs of your premiums. *

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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